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I made this membership affordable because I want women to be able to access quality life coaching on a regular basis. My dream is to serve a large population of women who want to learn and grow, becoming stronger and more empowered. I want to provide information about topics that are relevant to women's lives. I avoid toxic positivity. I talk about things in a realistic, trauma-informed way that teaches you how to meet yourself where you are, and build up from there.
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Why Women's Confidence Makeover

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I created the Women's Confidence Makeover to help women have a very affordable way to learn holistic techniques for building their sense of confidence, resilience, and empowerment to leverage into their personal and professional lives. Makeovers are always about enhancing what's working and changing up what needs to improve. Having taught college and worked for almost 20 years as a therapist, I have longed to combine those two worlds into a place of coaching through education and holistic skills. I love teaching. There's so much that I am excited to share with you. I created this space for women to learn how to become empowered while dealing with the challenges of being women in what can still be a very difficult world to live in. Join me in the Women's Confidence Makeover and let's have some fun while I teach you how to see yourself with a refreshing perspective that empowers you to derive more fulfillment from your life. There's a free trial and you can start and stop your membership with ease.


Instructor Bio:

Hello! I'm Diana Zilly, MA, MS, LCPC, CH. I've spent the past 20 years as a practitioner/scholar of psychology and mental health working as a counselor and a college psychology instructor. I've also studied yoga, martial arts, aerial arts, and hypnotherapy. I love teaching. I'm a creative person teaching mind/body practices and insights to help women lead more fulfilling lives. Glad to have you here!

Diana Zilly

Senior Instructor

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